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· Early College students graduate from Gladstone High School with 31 transferable college semester units from Citrus College

· Access to an instructional Learning Community

· Access to high-demand college courses

· Access to college instructors

· No tuition – books paid for by the district

· Eligibility to enroll in college with a sophomore standing


Early College Program

These students have successfully completed a year of transferable college credits through Citrus College. We wish you all the best as you enter college in the fall as a sophomore.  

What is the Program?

· This program can save a student up to 1 year of tuition/fees/books/housing at a university (equates to $5k-50k+)


· Through Citrus College you are able to take general education classes at Gladstone High School for transferable credit to a 2 and 4 year institution. You could earn a year of general education credit if you pass the courses with a C or better.


· This program is only for a student who is serious about attending college after high school


· The students who are currently in the program are in the top 15% of their class


· There are placement exams that must be taken for English and Math


· You must commit to taking Summer School classes for 2 summers


· You will be placed in a block schedule during your Junior and Senior years (1-2 periods will be college courses; periods 3-7 will be GHS courses)


· Some courses are prerequisites and they must be passed in order to take the transferable credit courses (based on Citrus College’s experience they see that if these classes are successfully passed it ensures success in the courses that are transferable)


· You must maintain a C- or higher to stay in the Early College Program

Myths: True or False?


This program is only for students who are going to Community College: FALSE

¨ You can attend Citrus College and transfer as a junior to a 4 year College after 1 year at Citrus

¨ Or directly attend a 4 year university with a year of general education courses completed 


The classes are remedial in nature : FALSE

¨ The courses (except for 2) are transferable college level courses that meet university standards for general education. These courses/grades are on your permanent college transcript

¨ You must pass an entrance exam to enroll in the pre requisite courses

¨ Students who receive a D grade are dropped from ECP


AP Courses are a guaranteed way of obtaining credit at a university: FALSE

¨ There are no guarantees with AP, IB, or ECP

¨ Each university is unique; a score of 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam does not automatically mean you will receive credit. 


You must pass 10 AP Exams with a 3 or higher to be equivalent to 10 courses in the Early College Program: TRUE

¨ Not all students will qualify or be successful in an AP course or in ECP